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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Nayagarh Pincode / Post Office Search (KHORDA, Odisha)

Banigochha S.O 752089NayagarhOdisha
Banthapur B.O 752081NayagarhOdisha
Barasahi B.O 752080NayagarhOdisha
Barikilo B.O 752062NayagarhOdisha
Beruanbadi B.O 752082NayagarhOdisha
Bhatasahi B.O 752070NayagarhOdisha
Bhogabadi B.O 752091NayagarhOdisha
Binayakpur B.O 752080NayagarhOdisha
Biruda B.O 752068NayagarhOdisha
Dimiripali B.O 752083NayagarhOdisha
Duda B.O 752089NayagarhOdisha
Ekiri B.O 752079NayagarhOdisha
Gaudaput B.O 752081NayagarhOdisha
Gediapalli B.O 752061NayagarhOdisha
Golagola B.O 752070NayagarhOdisha
Gotisahi B.O 752070NayagarhOdisha
Gumi B.O 752082NayagarhOdisha
Gunthuni B.O 752068NayagarhOdisha
Hariharpur B.O 752080NayagarhOdisha
Itamati S.O 752068NayagarhOdisha
Jakeda B.O 752083NayagarhOdisha
Jamusahi B.O 752079NayagarhOdisha
Kalyanpur B.O 752070NayagarhOdisha
Kaptapalli B.O 752082NayagarhOdisha
Kendudhipi B.O 752079NayagarhOdisha
Kesharpur B.O 752079NayagarhOdisha
Khalamada B.O 752083NayagarhOdisha
Korada B.O 752083NayagarhOdisha
Korapitha B.O 752081NayagarhOdisha
Kridaspur B.O 752070NayagarhOdisha
Kujamendhi B.O 752089NayagarhOdisha
Kural S.O 752090NayagarhOdisha
Mahipur S.O 752094NayagarhOdisha
Malisahi B.O 752070NayagarhOdisha
Nandighore B.O 752081NayagarhOdisha
Nayagarh H.O 752069NayagarhOdisha
Nuagaon B.O 752089NayagarhOdisha
Pancharida B.O 752080NayagarhOdisha
Poda Sahi B.O 752089NayagarhOdisha
Poibadi B.O 752091NayagarhOdisha
Rabera B.O 752081NayagarhOdisha
Sakeri B.O 752081NayagarhOdisha
Sampada B.O 752083NayagarhOdisha
Saradhapur B.O 752068NayagarhOdisha
Satpatna S.O 752091NayagarhOdisha
Sikharpur B.O 752080NayagarhOdisha
Sikrida B.O 752083NayagarhOdisha
Similisahi B.O 752091NayagarhOdisha
Sinduria S.O 752069NayagarhOdisha
Subalaya B.O 752091NayagarhOdisha
Tendabadi B.O 752091NayagarhOdisha
Udayapur B.O 752083NayagarhOdisha